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Hallite EXF

The Hallite EXF is a double-acting, twin o-ring energized, rod wiper designed to include two different unique wiping geometries. The two lips combine to scrape debris from the rod and contain residual oil on rod extension, as well as allowing oil to pump back into the cylinder. The o-ring energizers provide the force necessary to maintain the engagement of the wiping lips against the sliding surface and allow the wiper to adjust for deflection.

Typically made from exclusive Hallite Armorlene® materials, this seal is capable of high speed applications and eliminates any potential for stick-slip. High-performance Armorlene® materials, like HLX, provide outstanding wear and scraping capability as well as large range of temperature and media compatibility.

The Halite EXF works well paired with rod seals that support the requisite dynamic pressure pump-back, like the Hallite R16 rod seal. When paired, they produce a sealing system capable of handling higher speeds, a large range of fluid compatibilities, and temperature range of service. For other rod seal arrangements with EXF, it is necessary to make sure the rod seal will provide proper pressure pump-back, or alternatively vent the system. The Hallite wipers/excluder series EXF is built to service moderate to slightly heavy-duty applications. It has the advantages of improved sealing function due to its twin energizer arrangement. Though it is easier to install in the groove, care must be taken to ensure it is not installed backwards and to ensure the proper fit of three individual components.

Temp. range -45 ºC to 200 ºC
Max. speed 15m/sec