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  1. Back‑up ring NBR Type: BR-102
    Dimensions: 1.96 x 6.32
    Part number: 66408
    In Stock
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  2. Back‑up ring NBR Type: BR-242
    Dimensions: 101.75 x 107.75
    Part number: 66526
    In Stock
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  3. Back‑up ring NBR Type: BR-045
    Dimensions: 102.06 x 104.76
    Part number: 66402
    In Stock
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  4. Back‑up ring NBR Type: BR-155
    Dimensions: 102.06 x 106.42
    Part number: 66461
    In Stock
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  5. Back‑up ring NBR Type: BR-345
    Dimensions: 102.31 x 11.61
    Part number: 66605
    In Stock
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  6. Back‑up ring NBR Type: BR-243
    Dimensions: 104.93 x 110.93
    Part number: 66527
    In Stock
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346 items

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BR-10 NBR (concave)

Back-up rings are installed, togehter with O-rings, to prevent gap extrusion in applications with high pressure (above 5 Mpa). At high pressures and large sealing gaps a risk arises that the O-ring will be pressed into the sealing gap. If this process is repeated, and the pressure increases further, the O-ring will be damaged and will lose its function. Due to the reduction of the sealing gap the back-up ring makes sure the O-ring performs optimally without getting damaged.


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BR-10 concave NBR