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  1. Axial Seal FKM/Metal Type: AS-11
    Dimensions: 100 x 122 x 5.5
    Part number: 111955
    In Stock
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  2. Axial Seal NBR/Metal Type: AS-11
    Dimensions: 100 x 122 x 5.5
    Part number: 134047
    In Stock
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  3. Axial Seal NBR/Metal Type: AS-11
    Dimensions: 110 x 132 x 5.5
    Part number: 6596522
    Delivery time: 4 weeks
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  4. Axial Seal NBR/Metal Type: AS-11
    Dimensions: 140 x 178 x 7.5
    Part number: 6595249
    Delivery time: 4 weeks
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  5. Axial Seal NBR/Metal Type: AS-11
    Dimensions: 15 x 32 x 4
    Part number: 134036
    In Stock
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  6. Axial Seal NBR/Metal Type: AS-11
    Dimensions: 17 x 34 x 4
    Part number: 66319
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38 items

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The AS-11 is an axial seal that consists of two parts, a metal ring with a protective layer and a vulcanized elastomer sealing element. The metal ring protects the elastomer seal against damage and acts as a clamp and support of the elastomer seal. The metal ring also functions as a wiper. The elastomeric seal is not attached to the metal ring but is stretched on the metal ring and is also held by the axial edge. At the AS-11, the metal ring on the outer shell is extended in the direction of the shaft. In combination with the rotating groove on the axial tread, an additional labyrinth seal is formed.

Standard material

Elastomer sealing part: NBR and FKM

Metal Case: deep dwawn , with a protective galvanized layer steel 1.0204 (SAE 1008), this seal is also available in stainless steel 1.4301 (SAE 304).

Pro's of axial seals

  • Simple sealing element with low mounting width
  • Seal against grease, dirt, dust and splash water
  • good dynamic sealing function
  • Extra seal function due to centrifugal action of the metal ring
  • easy to install
  • The metal case protects the sealing part against damage
  • Good to use in conbination with oil seals
  • Slight demands on the tread with respect to surface quality
  • Friction decreases with increasing speed of shaftspeed due to the action of the center-flying force
  • No additional axial pressure is necessary


The axial seals are mainly used in combination with oil seals. They are used as a protective seal to seal against dirt, dust, grease and splash water from outside.


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronic motors
  • Propulsion technology
  • Pumps
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Washing machines
  • etc.


Thanks to its centrifugal effect, the metal ring supports the sealing function and protects the elastomer sealing element from external mechanical effects. As the circumferential speed increases, the elastomer sealing element, animated by the centrifugal force, tends to move outward, reducing the contact pressure. If circumferential speed exceeds a limit, the sealing lip detaches from the metallic undersurface. The axial seal then merely functions as a gap seal and a thrower ring.  To ensure that the extended metal ring moves in the groove, a circumferential groove is provided. The resulting labyrinth in the housing groove works as a shield, protecting against impurities. For this reason, this type is used in demanding applications with increased contamination from the exterior.

The Pro's of this seal

  • Simple sealing element with small mounting width
  • Multipurpose options for use
  • Easy mounting
  • Due to its centrifugal effect, the metal ring provides added sealing function and protects the elastomer from damage
  • Good dynamic sealing effect
  • low requirements for surface quality on the counter-surface
  • goed toe te passen in combinatie met oliekeerringen
  • No additional axial block required

Application parameters

For the standard materials combination

Temperature  -40°C tot +100°C (NBR),  -30°C to +180°C (FKM)                                                                                          
Pressure depressurized
Shaft speed ≤ 12 m/s voor zowel NBR als FKM
Media NBR: Mineral oil based lubricants, synthetic lubricants
FKM: Mineral oils and fats, synthetic oils and fats, motor, cardan and ATF oils, fuels, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, resistant to many chemicals and solvents

When using synthetic lubricants for which there are no available data available, compatibility should be demonstrated during laboratory tests or better during practical testing. An operating temperature of 80 ° C must not be exceeded.

Design information


Tolerance ISO h9
Roughness Ra ≤ 4 μm
Tread sealing element ≤ Ra 2 μm 


Easy to install. If the elastomer sealing element is greased before mounting, the dynamic coefficient of friction and thus the operating life are improved. Adhesion after a relatively long stoppage can be avoided in this way. The axial seal should be pressed into the proper installation position with the help of an appropriate mounting tool under uniform pressure. If no axial block is provided in the installation space, the mounting tool must be designed in such a way that the axial pretensioning is maintained according to the specifications.