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  1. V‑ring NBR Type: VR-L10
    Dimension: 1000
    Part number: 235274
    Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
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  2. V‑ring NBR Type: VR-L10
    Dimension: 1050
    Part number: 235275
    Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
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  3. V‑ring FKM Type: VR-L10
    Dimension: 1050
    Part number: 6600300
    Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
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  4. V‑ring FKM shaft diameter from 105 to 115 Type: VR-L10
    Dimension: 110
    Part number: 53240
    In Stock
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  5. V‑ring NBR shaft diameter from 105 to 115 Type: VR-L10
    Dimension: 110
    Part number: 130999
    In Stock
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  6. V‑ring NBR Type: VR-L10
    Dimension: 1100
    Part number: 235276
    Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
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73 items

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V-ring VR-L10

V-rings are rotary seals that can perform numerous jobs in their function of sealing rotating shafts:

  • sealing against the penetration of dirt, dust, water or watery pollutants
  • combination with other sealing elements, e.g.the  protection of a radial shaft sealing ring against external contamination
  • sealing against fat leaking from a housing

Advatages of V-rings:

  • diverse fields of application
  • no high requirements as regards the shaft and housing designs
  • low friction
  • high circumferential speeds are possible as a result of reduced friction
  • relatively insusceptible to coaxiality and radial eccentricity
  • long service life
  • easy installation

Structure and function

V-rings consist completely of elastomer. Their V-shaped profile consists of a relatively solid retaining part and a fl exible sealing lip that are „hinged“ together at the „V’s“ vertex. V-rings will be expanded while being installed, moved into the intended position on the shaft and cling to the shaft surface as a result of their internal stress. V-rings will rotate with the shaft and provide sealing in axialdirection against a counter face that is positioned verticallyto it. As a result of the diverse fi elds of application for Vrings the counter face can be formed by:

  • the housing itself
  • a housing cover
  • a pressed-in metal sheet
  • the face of a roller bearing’s external ring
  • the metallic stiffetc

During the shaft’s standstill, the sealing lip clings to the counter face due to its initial contact pressure. Once the shaft starts rotating, the centrifugal force acts in radialdirection on the sealing lip, while the contact pressure drops with the increasing cir-cumferential speed.
The sealing lip starts to lift off  the counter face from a circumfer-ential speed of approx. 15-20 m/s and the contact pressure drops to almost nil. The friction losses will  increase with the rising circumferential speed almostlinearly up to approx. 10 m/s. The friction losses will  decrease to 10 ... 12 m/s and drop almost to nil in the range between 15 and 20 m/s.
A V-ring‘s sealing eff ect is based on the contact between sealing lip and counter face and, additionally, on the entrifugal effect caused by the V-ring’s rotation. Once the sealing lip takes off at a very high circumferential speed, the V-ring will act as gap ring and centrifugal disk.

Construction types/designs

In order to cover the wide range of possible applications, we have 3 standard designs in stock, made of 2 diff erent materials each (NBR and FKM).


most commonly used standard designwith straight sealing back


the same design as VR-A10 in the lip area, complemented by a conically extended retain-ing part, thus providing a better seat on the shaft


small profile geometry for compact installation conditions uniform profile for all diameters

We can offer further construction types/designs on request, e.g.
  • VR-E10

  • VR-AX10