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FEPM (Aflas®)

FEPM (Aflas®) - Tetrafluoroethylene-propylene rubber

This is a high-developed synthetic rubber based on Aflas® FEPM polymer. It is a peroxide cured Tetrafluoroethylene / Propylene Copolymer. This compound has excellent resitance to steam, acids, hot water, oils, lubricants and sour oil and gas and amine-based corrosion inhibitors. Designed specifi cally for high-pressure gas applications. This compound is specially formulated for explosive decompression resistance (AED - Anti Explosive Decompression). These O-rings have a temperature range from -20°C to +200°C (short time at +230°C).

FEPM has good resistance to:

  • crude oil
  • sour gas
  • hot water, steam
  • polar solvents, alcohols, amines
  • many concentrated acids and bases
  • engine and gear oil containing additives

material name material no. material shore color temp. min. (°C) temp. max. (°C) discription
AFLAS® 70 NERO 3070-10301 FEPM 70 (A) black - 20 +200 oil / steam
AFLAS® 80 NERO 3080-10301 FEPM 80 (A) black - 20 +200 oil / steam
AFLAS® 85 NERO AFL85 FEPM 85 (A) black - 20 +200 oil / steam
AFLAS® 90 ED 3090-10301 FEPM 90 (A) black - 20
+200 (+230)
oil / steam